WooCommerce 3 Has Arrived

WooCommerce Bionic Butterfly Released

WooCommerce just released a major upgrade to its WordPress plug-in for e-commerce. There are a few things you should be aware of before you upgrade. As always do a complete backup of your WordPress site before installing any major upgrade to a core plug-in like this. In fact I would recommend that you have a staging area for your WordPress site and thoroughly test out any major upgrade like this before going live.

Here is a great article that I found that goes over a few of the major concerns.

On April 4th, 2017 a major WooCommerce version was released. Version 3.0.0 or WooCommerce “Bionic Butterfly”, brought in some great features for developers, store managers, and even clients. While version 2.7 had existed for a while, it was decided to “jump” directly to WooCommerce 3.0.0 because of the major leap the software has taken when compared to the previous 2.6 version. With its 3.0.x version, WooCommerce introduced great changes and new features both store managers and developers are going to love. Let’s see what they are!

Original Author: Spyros Vlachopoulo

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If you are selling products online and you are using WordPress for your website, you really should be checking out WooCommerce. It is a major plug-in for doing e-commerce and WordPress. It has a full feature set and has been around for years. I can't recommend it any higher than to say if you are serious about selling a product online – check it out now.

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