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Apps That Made It To The Top 10 Best Amazon Affiliate Apps Of 2015

Almost every year, different names fill the rankings of the leading companies for online marketing and product promotions. Do you know what websites belong to the list of the best this year? If you are a blogger, a website promoter, or an online product marketing geek, there might just be a need for you to get updated. This knowledge will be a helpful way to position your items better than ever, thus being on par with the world’s finest. Here is a countdown of ten best Amazon affiliate apps of 2015.


Best Amazon Apps For Recreational Activities And Games

1. Game Applications (The Walking Dead: Season 2, Angry Birds Epic, and 2048)
The thrilling and exciting continuation of the dark series is among the reasons why these games place number one. Angry Birds Epic is recognized as the game of the year. The game is packed with enhanced graphic pictures, new characters and locations which caught the eye of the game geeks. Also, who would ever think that these cute little birds would bring the application software to the top spot of the site’s affiliates? The newest game, designed by Rovio, is the leading game app in the market. Everybody is just going crazy for the birds and pig adventure. Finally, test your ability with numbers with another offering —2048. The Amazon App Store had just recognized the game to belong to the finest and the best Amazon games for affiliate promotion. Indulge and discover why this game made it to the elite rank and made it to the list of the best Amazon affiliate apps.

2. Kindle Fire HDX Apps (APK Installer)
During the last couple of years, the applications in the Amazon Apps have significantly increased, reaching all the way to 240,000 or more. However, other sites had tried to be on par with the site nearly getting it off track. The emergence of the APK Installer finally edged the competition at its best. This easy-to-use application enables a user to install directly Android applications on their device.


The Best Amazon Affiliate Apps Useful For Daily Work

3. Weather System Application (The Weather Bug)
Now, you will never be caught in a bad weather situation again. The Weather Bug will keep you on track. It is capable of alerting a user to future weather occurrences around your location. One of its best features is called Spark. This app can even sense lightning. Then, it warns the user to stay away from a dangerous area and be in a safe location. It is also complete with warnings, maps, and alerts coming directly from National Weather Bureau.

4. Androids Keyboards Application (Swiftkey)
Swiftkey offers the best and most intelligent keypad typing solution. This app predicts the next word the user is about to type. Not only that, it can learn the words which you usually type. Autocorrect feature is also useful.

5. Antivirus Software (Lookout Security and Security Antivirus)
Lookout Security and Security Antivirus are among the best protection apps. The next time you need your machines secured; this should be your next stop. This app does not only protect the device from malware but also serves as a reliable backup tool.

6. Kingsoft Office
If you want an optimum blast in your smartphones, you need to get Kingsoft Office. This product is capable of allowing you to work on all the MS Office documents on your tablets or Android phones. This app features free office templates such as word processing, spreadsheets, as well as slideshows. Apart from these, the app also supports different file formats such as DOCX and PDF. External keyboards are also supported by Kingsoft with copy/paste features. It’s like you are not using a mobile device anymore.
The Best Amazon Affiliate Apps Useful For Social Media And Internet Convenience

7. Smartphones Shopping Application (eBay)
This auction app is an easy way to give you reports about your auctions and ensures that the bidding process is in your favor. Upon completion of an auction, you are also enabled to send and receive message responses. This way you can learn how to make money with Amazon and eBay through your phone as well. An excellent product indeed.

8. LinkedIn Pulse
Keep in touch with your favorite bloggers and the best sites. This app makes browsing for stories incredibly easy. Pulse can be accessed using the top social networking sites such as Facebook and Reddit. With this news updates are more convenient than ever. Everything made easy to find content for your Amazon affiliate efforts.

9. Dropbox
Do you want safe storage for your important stuff? You can do this with this cloud storage product called Dropbox. Photo and document edits can easily be done through this app.

10. Pocket
Your reading activity is sometimes interrupted. Pocket was created to serve as an electronic bookmark to take note of your unfinished articles. It is equipped with a feature that allows syncing other reading materials with other multiple devices.

All these are the best of the class Amazon affiliate apps for the year 2016. Check to see if you are using any of them. If you are still not, step up and try catching up with these apps and learn how to make your work as an Amazon affiliate much easier.

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