Mobile Optin 2.0 is Launching

If you need to build your email marketing list in this age of mobile users, you really need to check out Mobile Optin 2.0 by Anthony Morrison.

I will cut to the chase on my bonus for buying through my link above. I have been a beta tester for Mobile Optin since before version 1 came out last year.

I will share my techniques and answer all your personal questions on how best to use the software if you send me your information after purchase.

Below is one of hundreds of testimonials for Anthony:

Anthony is a email marketer who really knows his business. He holds weekly webinars that are free to the public all about marketing in today's online world. The number of people using mobile devices to view your content online has recently surpassed the number of folks using a desktop. This means you need to be sure you are capturing leads from people's mobile devices consistently.

People often will make typos in their email addresses when they have to input them on mobile devices. Anthony has created a solution to this problem.


People just click on your optin page and their default email address will be captured from their primary contact card.

Simple, straightforward and pretty much foolproof.

This also solves the problem of subscribers giving you a false email address or one they seldom use. You get their primary email address using Mobile Optin 2.0.

Click on this link to get a free book that Anthony Morrison has recently written just for checking out is new product.

Anthony and his team are constantly adding new features to Mobile Optin. Here is a screenshot from inside the product showing just one page (out of 3) of recent updates to the product.

Mobile Optin Updates

Please leave your comments below about Mobile Optin if you make a purchase. I own this product and approve this message!



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