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Elegant Themes Roadmap for Divi Theme in 2017

Divi Theme from Elegant Themes is one of the best WordPress Themes on the market today. It has come a long way in the past year. If you want to build a beautiful, customized WordPress web site consider trying out Divi. It is truly an amazing platform for creating the most functional, eye-catching sites for your clients and your business. Check it out by clicking here:

Below you will see part of Elegant’s Roadmap for Divi in the coming year.

The Divi community has a really exciting year ahead of it, and today I just want to take some time to give you some insight into our plans for the future. Divi has become this big, huge wonderful thing that is full of its own energy and innovation. Full of business owners, website creators, child themes, extensions, library packs, learning centers, meetups and friendships all sprouting from one piece of software. Here at Elegant Themes, we have been asking ourselves what we can do to help fuel that innovation and empower the community to become bigger and stronger. This year more than ever before, we want to focus on creating the perfect environment that empowers the Divi community to flourish.

The Visual Builder is the future of Divi. That being said, we understand that building things with a minimal visual interface is not the perfect environment for everyone and for everything. That is why we are building brand view View Modes that will give designers new ways to interact with and understand their content. We are exploring some really cool ideas in this area. Just imagine toggling between Visual Mode, Grid Mode, Hybrid Mode and maybe even Code Mode? The Visual Builder was built on a foundation that allows us to bring these ideas to life.

I really love Divi Theme for building out my custom WordPress sites. It gives me great flexibility to deliver what my clients want in their business websites. It is such a rich environment that I haven't found anything but I can't build with Divi.

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