ClickFunnels Will Replace 3 Other Tools To Make More Sales

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ClickFunnels is built for anyone who wants to make sales online. This includes Affiliates, Product Developers, Software Sellers, Small Business Owners with a Website, pretty much anyone who needs new customers.

What does ClickFunnels do? It guides your visitors through your sales process however you want to define it. Imagine someone landing on your site and not knowing what to do. You get to guide them through your sales material straight through to your call to action.

The greatest feature is that it is so easy to setup all the complicated tech issues you may have to capture your leads' email, shopping cart purchases, email autoresponder integration & so much more.

Feature List

Complete Sale Funnel with no coding

Autoresponder for emails

Traffic Generation without paying for ads

Split Testing to optimize your conversions

Professional Shopping Carts

Text Messaging for automatic followups

ClickFunnels Solves Your Sales Problems

You can cancel your web hosting service, Autoresponder fees, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, web designer and programmer charges and so much more. It really is that easy to take control of your lead generation, sales and shopping cart needs. YOU are in control without the need to know ANY coding.

Click Funnels Replaces These

With ClickFunnels you will be able to generate traffic to your offers, analyze how your visitors flow through your sales funnel, be able to split test various sales copy and graphics, and add a complete shopping cart that will be every bit as good as any other online cart system.

You will also be able to use Text Messaging with your prospects and customers. This is critical as you followup with your leads to convert them to paying customers. So much of online traffic is mobile now, that you don't want to lose touch with leads that come from mobile devices. Text messaging handles this seamlessly.

Click Funnels now has the added feature called Actenetics which allows you to tailor your sales copy and funnels to each individual visitor automatically. If your visitor​ makes $100K/year, you can tailor your offer to them individually. This individual care will make your conversions skyrocket because your offer will match your audience perfectly.

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