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Amazon Associates

So you interested in learning how to make a little money online? Getting started earning some extra cash on the Web, or even a set up a full time living online, there are lots of opportunities available, and you're only limited by your ability to imagine. A good way to start is to establish a Web site or blog (short for “web log”) that is fulled with interesting content. Creating an engaging online presence with lots of great content will allow your blog to be ranked in the search engines, and will bring lots of visitors to read what you have to say. Once you've established yourself and you start to get visitors, you can join a web affiliate program that will allow you to earn money through clicks from your viewers.

So how does a web affiliate program make you money? It's pretty simple: you want as many visitors to your site as possible because more visitors equals more revenue. To get more visitors, you want to offer to share a portion of each sale with those people who help sell their products, also known as “affiliates.” Website owners who want to earn a part of these sales simply sign up for the retailer's web affiliate program. The marketer then provides the affiliate a unique identifier that allows them to track clicks from your site or blog. Once a sale is made, the retailer will credit your account with a percentage of the sale or flat payment.

An affiliate program is an excellent way for an online seller to increase sales because all of the affiliates become front line salesperson for the product or service. Sharing a portion of each sale is the incentive that the retailer provides to each of his affiliates. The more affiliates a retailer has, the greater the traffic they will receive to their site, and the more sales they are likely to make. Most successful online sites have hundreds and thousands of affiliates.

There are many affiliate programs available for practically any sort of Web site or blog you can imagine. The most widely known is the Amazon Associates program. Amazon, the world's biggest online retailer, sells a lot more than just books. There are thousands of different kinds of items available through Amazon, and if you sign up for the Amazon Associates program, you can add a link to any of those products that are relevant to your Web site and your visitors. When someone who is reading your site sees a product that they're interested in, they just click your Amazon web affiliate program link, and they'll be instantly able to purchase that product online. If they buy, then you get a cut of the sale.

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