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Ever Wonder Where Google Gets Those Autocomplete Suggestions?

United States of Autocomplete

Whenever you go to Google and start typing in the search field, Google starts to fill out some suggestions as you are typing. Ever wonder where those suggestions come from?

Well, they mostly come from what other people are currently searching for. The list is comprised of searches that people have been entering lately that begin with the letters you are typing. Pretty cool, eh?

Now there are several factors that go into what Google puts into that list like your location, what you have previously searched for and many other measures.

There is a great article by our friends over at SearchEngineLand that go into much more detail on what these factors are and here is the link: How Google Instant’s Autocomplete Suggestions Work​

Just How Does Google Know What to Autosuggest? #HowTheyDoThat

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Danny Sullivan is a Founding Editor of Search Engine Land.

It’s a well known feature of Google. Start typing in a search, and Google offers suggestions before you’ve even finished typing. But how does Google come up with those suggestions? When does Google remove some suggestions? When does Google decide not to interfere? Come along for some answers.

Danny goes into great detail about how Google makes these decisions about what to show when you start typing into their search bar. This article is a great read and will help you understand some of the mysteries of Google. Learning how Google works will help you in your online business as you try to write good content and know what people are searching for on the internet.

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Sandy – A Free Calligraphy Font from DealFuel

Free Calligraphy Font - Sandy

When you need the elegance of a hand-crafted Calligraphy Font consider using the free font - Sandy - from our friends at DealFuel.

Hard to beat the price of Free! Plus it is a beautiful handmade calligraphic font you can use in your personal projects not for resale.​ License details are available at DealFuel.

ClickFunnels Will Replace 3 Other Tools To Make More Sales

Click Funnels Free Trial

ClickFunnels is built for anyone who wants to make sales online. This includes Affiliates, Product Developers, Software Sellers, Small Business Owners with a Website, pretty much anyone who needs new customers.

What does ClickFunnels do? It guides your visitors through your sales process however you want to define it. Imagine someone landing on your site and not knowing what to do. You get to guide them through your sales material straight through to your call to action.

The greatest feature is that it is so easy to setup all the complicated tech issues you may have to capture your leads' email, shopping cart purchases, email autoresponder integration & so much more.

Feature List

Complete Sale Funnel with no coding

Autoresponder for emails

Traffic Generation without paying for ads

Split Testing to optimize your conversions

Professional Shopping Carts

Text Messaging for automatic followups

ClickFunnels Solves Your Sales Problems

You can cancel your web hosting service, Autoresponder fees, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, web designer and programmer charges and so much more. It really is that easy to take control of your lead generation, sales and shopping cart needs. YOU are in control without the need to know ANY coding.

Click Funnels Replaces These

With ClickFunnels you will be able to generate traffic to your offers, analyze how your visitors flow through your sales funnel, be able to split test various sales copy and graphics, and add a complete shopping cart that will be every bit as good as any other online cart system.

You will also be able to use Text Messaging with your prospects and customers. This is critical as you followup with your leads to convert them to paying customers. So much of online traffic is mobile now, that you don't want to lose touch with leads that come from mobile devices. Text messaging handles this seamlessly.

Click Funnels now has the added feature called Actenetics which allows you to tailor your sales copy and funnels to each individual visitor automatically. If your visitor​ makes $100K/year, you can tailor your offer to them individually. This individual care will make your conversions skyrocket because your offer will match your audience perfectly.

We would love to hear about your experiences with ClickFunnels in the comments below.

Amazon Affiliate For WordPress Plugin Makes Great Looking Sales Posts

Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

Amazon Affiliate for WordPress is a great plugin for adding your Amazon Product reviews to your WordPress posts & pages. The output is beautiful and completely customizable to your liking. The defaults look wonderful, but you have the option to make the output blend into your existing design if you like to code things up yourself.

The Developer is very responsive to feature requests and is actively developing the plugin to keep it up to date and future-proof with changes that Amazon is constantly making to their API.

I plan to use it on my Amazon affiliate websites to make adding product reviews and comparisons with ease. I have been looking for just such a plugin for a long time and this one really fits all my needs.

This plugin supports many different countries including Germany, USA, UK, France, Japan, Italy, Canada, Spain, India & Brazil. This is great for those of you selling to these untapped markets for Amazon Affiliates.​

You can create simple text links or full-blown product reviews with images, review ratings, best-seller lists and a feature I really like - product comparison tables.

Product Comparison Table

Another feature I love is the ability to add the Amazon Prime logo to items that offer 2-day shipping for Amazon Prime members. As a Prime member myself, I really like knowing upfront which products are available for fast delivery.

Amazon Prime Logo Insertion

I really like how the Bestseller output looks. You simply select the keywords or Amazon browse node you want to get the bestsellers for and it will look something like this: Easy Peasy

Amazon Best Seller Output

In closing, I would just like to say that this plugin has the spit & polish I like to see in a product that I will be counting on to use in my business. Get more details on Amazon Affiliate Plugin here.

I am confident that you will find this developer to be a good provider and you can place your trust in using this plugin to make great looking Amazon affiliate pages & posts.

Please leave comments below if you have any feedback on this product.

Seven Easy Ways to Track User Engagement with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free and fast way to measure your website visitors' activity on your pages and posts.

This data can help you focus on the content that your audience loves and what you should be focusing on creating more of.

Here are seven of the main engagement metrics available in Google Analytics.

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of people who leave your website after viewing a single page and therefore bounce to another site.

To track bounce rate go to Google Analytics->Audience->Overview.

You can check your bounce rate by traffic source, such as organic search, paid search, social or direct links.

You can also follow your bounce rate based on the page or post your readers are landing on. If there is a very high bounce rate you might want to consider rewriting or redesigning those pages.

Frequency of Visits

New versus Returning Visitors

This is a measure of how many times a certain person has visited your site. This offers much more detail compared to new versus returning visitors metric. This will give you an indication of how many times people return to your site.

Days Since Last Session

This measures how often a given person is visiting your site. If there are many people who visit your site every day then you know your content is fresh and people are engaged. The frequency of your posting will have a great impact on this number.

Audience Engagement Rate

To see this measurement go to Audience->Behavior->Engagement. This is similar to average time on site but includes much more detail. It breaks down your visitor sessions into chunks of time: 0-10 seconds, 11-30 seconds and so forth.

Time On Site

Time On Site

Another important metric is the total time a visitor spends on your site. This is called time on site and naturally the longer the better. To keep track of your visitors time on site go to Audience->Overview.

As with bounce rate, you are able to measure your readers time spent on each page or post.

Average Pages Per Visit

Pages per visit

Another important measuring stick is average pages per visit which is especially important for websites that are monetized with advertising. The more pages a visitor views the greater chance that they will click on one of your assets.

To see the pages per visit go to Audience->Overview.

Returning Visitor Percentage

New versus Returning Visitors

It's important to track how many of your visitors are returning visitors. These people will be your best and most engaged readers and should be the focus of future articles. These people are strongly interested in what you have to say.

To see this metric go to Audience->Behavior->New versus Returning Visitors.


Since Google analytics is free there's no reason not to take advantage of this service. It provides you with valuable information about your audience and helps you keep track of what material is most popular. This will help you gain new readers as well as keep your current readers happy.

We would love to know your thoughts on how you use Google Analytics.

Please leave your comments below.