About Laura Newton

Laura as mom

Hi There! My name is Laura Newton a work at home mom, an avid TV fan, and a Google for Business Evangelist.

After a combined ten years working in the field of Marketing and Finance for various companies while, on the side, managing my own affiliate sites, I have learned a lot and have seen what works best for several types of businesses. Through the years, I have developed my understanding of the different approaches to handling affiliates online, and I found a calling to share it with those who are interested in earning money from home.

Today several tools and applications are available to make online marketing simple & easy. I have focused on the Amazon affiliate program and have found great success over the years. Now I don’t have to do marketing for others, but instead concentrate on doing it for my websites.

But I believe in the benefits of sharing & giving back, and this drives me towards helping others learn the ways of affiliate marketing – especially home-based mom’s like me – to open their eyes to the wonderful possibilities of earning money in the convenience of their homes. All this I can do with AzonAffiliateReviews.com.

After all, helping is a Mom thing.

– Laura

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